Femmes sauvages 
Wild women

Expanded piano, danse, visual arts: Julia MannAngela Babuin and Gabriela Baldoni. This unusual trio explores the cross-over between music, movement, visuals with technological mediation. A singular scenic language in search of deep feminine nature and intuition.

Julia Mann+Claudio Peña

Julia Mann and Claudio Peña, experimental acoustic cello-piano duo. Semirandom & live composition + improvisation.

Music and History

"Las músicas olvidadas de la revolución rusa"/"The forgotten musics of russian revolution"

A pianist, an historian/performer together on the stage. Revisiting Scriabin's music and the beautiful unknown repertory of russian vanguardist composers Lourié, Roslavetz and Deshevov.
Julia Mann-piano, Martin Baña-texts.
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Voxes Contemporánea
-Since 2013

Stable member of the professional ensemble of Lanús State University (Argentina). Contemporary chamber music.